Jan 15, 2014

Medusa AI Sketch

[UPDATED] I hated how that hand was drawn; that was the stock-rote-memorized way I drew hands when I was a kid. I'm a grown man now! Plus this is a lot more visceral, grippy, gross. If I do paint this, I'd like to ask a calligrapher to collab on the type. I have one in mind. 

Just an idea...sketching lots of little things working up to some paintings.

Medusa's story is really tragic, so I'm not sure if the leering mouth is quite right for it. Or maybe I should drop the history lesson at the bottom and just have it be a scary-face picture.

If you're at all interested, here's a flashy History Channel version of the story.

Jan 11, 2014

Commission piece

...just wrapped up this piece, for Mr Tiny Wight of The Deadites...

Sadly, you'll need to click the image to see the whole thing...

Jan 6, 2014

New Spidey/Venom image

I always like Venom as a character to loosen up (especially after being away from the studio during the holidays). It's a fun way to have a little anatomy and some crazy fun. Click to enlarge.

Here's my 30 second thumbnail. 

Dec 16, 2013

Christmas Cards! 2013 edition.

I just sent our cards out to print...simple fun little illustration of Santa texting all the kids on his list apologizing for being late. It's like one of those 'sorry I missed your birthday' birthday cards. Although if the print turnaround is as fast as it has been, they might be on time! ...Which spoils the joke.


I started with the rough idea, chubby Santa sitting on the floor, texting. Really simple shapes. Piles of presents, a conveyor belt backing up, a frustrated elf.

Then I just jumped in, rendering the shapes, making line weights, and coloring. 

Fun, but it's just too much. I added some brush layers to separate the distances, some brush strokes to make it feel a bit less Adobe Illustrator-plasticky. And I decided to ditch the conveyor belt. Too distracting. This makes for an overall clearer, stronger illustration. 

Dec 3, 2013

2014 Calendars!

They went to print yesterday! Come by StART on the Station this weekend and pick one up. As always, a mix of old and new stuff, polished and formatted for your office cubicle! 

Here's a preview:

Nov 26, 2013

Chthulhu: digital painting start

Okay, after a few misfires, I've got this sort of on track. I'm pretty new to the digital painting thing, so this might be a bit too ambitious, but hey, fuck it. I'm learning something new.

Spent some time on the background, and working on the monster now, with the other pieces just roughed in loosely. You can also see my palette at the bottom, which is really maybe 5 colors tops, if you ignore the colors that are basically blends of other colors.

Nov 22, 2013

Cthulhu...take three

So I've been tossing this one around, trying to get the feel I want out of it. Earlier ideas weren't doing it for me, and the colors were kinda boring as well. I've chosen a different palette. Also, without two 'beings' in a piece there's no relationship. I usually like the idea of the human facing off against the monster, but here I want something different. A single, centered human possessed by the old god. The first of many, I'd imagine.

Nov 21, 2013

The 11th Doctor

Don't have a name, really. People just call him The Doctor. We'll call it finished, though there's so much more I'd love to jam into this. 

More soon. Working to finish that Cthulhu piece, as well as an outer spacey thing I haven't mentioned yet.

Nov 19, 2013

More progress on The Doctor...

Still gotta put more junk floating and put Rory and Amy's heads peeking out the door. And a few other things...