Nov 22, 2009

2010 Calendar is coming

Having a busy few weeks. On top of a big commercial project, I'm putting together this year's calendar. Here's the page I just finished. Even artsier and fartsier than last year. I'm taking pre-orders starting today, just comment on this post and I'll add you to the list.

UPDATE: I'm gonna go with $15. There's a PayPal button below for the pre-orders, and THANKS!

PayPal pre-ordering is now closed. If you're still interested in buying a calendar, you can go to this link: and buy it directly from This option is especially good if you live outside of Massachusetts, USA.


Pete said...

very nice color, reserve two for me

abnormalbrain said...

You are now on the list. x2. Thank youuu.

Louie said...

yes, your account is correct, I just purchased 2. Thanks, kid.

Slacks said...

Well, obviously I want one.

Unknown said...

the Emporium needs one as well. do you deliver?
you could drop it off next time you swing in (cash pick up). keep up the great work Mr. D. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and all the best!