Jul 23, 2013

Cthulhu 2

Worked some more on this. I was thinking about making the story more interesting, like maybe the end of the reign of man just happened to interrupt a young couple's make-out session. This version is too 'exploitationey'. I liked the silliness of the bra across the guy's face, but couldn't come up with a way to take it off of her without being really corny. 'Huh-huhuh…boobs' isn't my aim. I'll keep working on it. I'm aiming for something that feels big like this one.

Also of note, I decided on the compositional flow, and am sticking to it. I really like the 'curved thunderbolt' shape, and as soon as I reworked the image into that flow, it came together. The first version (my previous post), really feels like a lump of clay compared to this one. Still just stealing time to work on this, so it's going slow. More to come later.


Ronald said...

I continue to love and thoroughly admire your work. I need to come here more often to enjoy it, and be reminded how good it is. Thanks for sharing.- Ron

Chris Watkins said...

I agree--the thunderbolt composition has great energy! (Nice lookin' C'thulu, to boot.) :)

Jenn Falcon said...

NO NO NO! Why are you ruining it!!!! That is obnoxious and ridiculous! The bra flying off!!!! And anyway the monster is the cool part, he should be the main focus.