Nov 7, 2013

After work

Working on so many things right now. I've been working on a script for a potential comic project. Learning how to oil paint. Got an album cover on my screen and the kraken piece... I've started working on this as well, using the Ctrl-Paint method I mentioned a few months back. It's based on a doodle I had kicking around for a few years that I liked...

Enlarged it and tightened up the sketch, using tracing paper:

Now here's the interesting part. I'm a very big fan of the artist Glenn Barr. I love his moody sense of color, it's very different from my own. So I decided to use borrow steal a color palette from one of his paintings and use it on this one, especially since this piece is very reminiscent, in mood and locale, of something he might do. 

Here's a screengrab of where I'm at now, you can see the palette grid, and the palette at work. It has a feel that I like. I'll still need to be careful that it feels like my work, and not like I'm aping an artist I like. 

I still need to get some reference for the background, stools, dartboards, etc. As if I don't spend enough time in bars...

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