Jun 11, 2011

IMC Day 1

Just finished the first day here at the IMC. Had a critique of my sketch by Scott Allie, Donato Giancola, Scott Fischer and Jeff Mack. Yes, those guys are all instructors. They generally had good things to say about my sketch and I definitely feel better about it. I didn't have much time to get my idea together this week. This afternoon I pushed forward with the image, adding detail and trying to figure out what to do with that pesky front arm and tailpipes. Of the five assignments, I went with the one that was most outside my comfort zone and then promptly knocked that fucker right back into my comfort zone, haha. Actually, people seem to be into the idea that this dragon is a departure from fantasy.

I intend to have a finished piece by weeks end. We learned how to properly mount drawings to masonite this evening and am planning to mount this one and finish it that way. A little bit surreal at times. At one point today I was working, rocking out with Wolfmother in my headphones, and I noticed Boris Vallejo had been looking over my shoulder.

The faculty is incredible, and great at teaching as well as masters in their respective fields. 

My rough sketch, 18x24":

Moving forward:

More to say tomorrow.


Kung Fu Mike said...

Looking good, man. I'm glad it still looks like "you" in the drawing. Should turn out to be an awesome piece!

Fitzzz said...

Sounds like you are in great company down there Derek, great looking sketch, looking forward to the finished piece.

Fire_Bad fan!!!

Ronald said...

Derek, that pic is looking pretty incredible. I certainly look forward to its progress!

Louie said...

Nuts and nice!

Nicole Tadgell said...

Awesome! I'm so glad you're there, having a great time.:)

scott Allie said...

I miss IMC! Great to see your work, Derek—

abnormalbrain said...

Hey thanks, Scott! Already saving up for next year, hah.