Dec 19, 2005


a few pics of today's efforts.

xmas week

so christmas has crushed me. why am i breaking the bank buying things for people who aren't going to like them? or me? i haven't finished much of the paintings i started again. i wish i knew if it was christmas or that vague-yet-overwhelming sense of futility that always kicks my ass. i'm mostly just planning right now. and hoping to get a devil girl done this week. here's a quick computer sketch i did for it.

Dec 14, 2005

so sick of coffee shops.

right next to me, a stupid bitch with a giant ass just puked 40 minutes of worthless opinions on her nodding idiot friend.

Nov 30, 2005


been kicking around the idea for a Jekyll/Hyde painting for the past few years. decided to get it going. i was thinking about attempting a short J/H comic story...but apparently there's a movie being worked on, looks like it has the candyman guy in it...ugh. here's some sketches...


so here goes nothing. hello cruel world, i started an art blog. seems pretty obvious if you're reading it, you're in on it. i'm gonna just post every day whatever i'm working on...i guess. we'll see how that goes. started painting again the other day...this is 12x24"...


hey hey.
first post.