Dec 16, 2013

Christmas Cards! 2013 edition.

I just sent our cards out to print...simple fun little illustration of Santa texting all the kids on his list apologizing for being late. It's like one of those 'sorry I missed your birthday' birthday cards. Although if the print turnaround is as fast as it has been, they might be on time! ...Which spoils the joke.


I started with the rough idea, chubby Santa sitting on the floor, texting. Really simple shapes. Piles of presents, a conveyor belt backing up, a frustrated elf.

Then I just jumped in, rendering the shapes, making line weights, and coloring. 

Fun, but it's just too much. I added some brush layers to separate the distances, some brush strokes to make it feel a bit less Adobe Illustrator-plasticky. And I decided to ditch the conveyor belt. Too distracting. This makes for an overall clearer, stronger illustration. 

Dec 3, 2013

2014 Calendars!

They went to print yesterday! Come by StART on the Station this weekend and pick one up. As always, a mix of old and new stuff, polished and formatted for your office cubicle! 

Here's a preview: