Jun 30, 2006


hey everyone, we are here in london, safe and sound. london is expensive as fuck and we both agree, the people could be nicer. let's translate cost: beer £4-5 = $8-9. you get the idea. we signed in on a library computer for this and the library help couldn't have been nicer. we've passed the time walking the tangled streets of london and napping and picnicking in the royal gardens. the gardens and parks really are beautiful. gotta run. cheers, y'all!

Jun 22, 2006


Hi there, in case anyone is following this page, we are leaving for england in less than a week, June 28 we get on the plane. I see that many of the hostels we'll be using have internet acces, so I will attempt to update and use this as a travel-log. Wish us luck.

Jun 15, 2006

24x36 blowups

i'll probably be doing this from now on when people ask for flyers...

printed out 3 of these last flyers at 24x36, handpainted them, and i'll be attempting to sell them to raise cash for the europe trip (2 weeks till liftoff). sold 1 of 3 a few minutes ago... not sure how to offer up the last two. probably auction it somehow, maybe a silent auction, or on ebay or something. though i'm generally happy with the color on these hand-painted copies, i'd like to start doing some silkscreening, to keep the process clean, smooth out the colors. finding colors that behave well with the toner is a little hokey.