Oct 23, 2010

The Kiss

242 Show was last night, and it was quite good. Here's one of my pieces, finished. And some of the sketches/ideas/process.

It started out as just an idea, scratched on the back of an envelope.

I blew it up large, but I wasn't in love with the composition anymore. That heart shape doesn't hold up. Plus the poses are too tender. Seems forced, schlocky.

Pushing the idea further, I still wanted hands to be interacting, but they need to feel passionate, maybe even desperate.

Background/composition. I wanted wreckage, but it needs to be pushed away from the couple, so that we (the viewer) are pulled into their space. There are other 'people' in this world, but they don't matter.

The final, 12x36". I still wanted the colors to be sparse, but I don't want it to feel just black and white. I hit that spot between them with hot light, the sun, an explosion, a a-bomb, or just their emotion? The overall shape/flow of the background wreckage is also circular, originating in that same space between their faces. Click to enlarge.

Oct 20, 2010


Working on a pirate project. Here's a sketch.
This art won't appear like this in the final project.

Oct 12, 2010


Seriously. Consider coming to Space 242 on the 22nd. Details are below.

Oct 8, 2010

More in progress stuff....

I hope you can make it out to Boston on the 22nd. Details below...

Oct 3, 2010

Another peek

...at some of the stuff I'm putting together. It's been a fun exercise, trying to figure out the old "who I am". I often work with clients on illustration, figuring out their needs like a puzzle, trying to come up with clever ways of covering all their bases while still making stuff look cool. It seems to me more technical than artistic. So when the chance is dropped in my lap, to come up with some stuff that's just for me, well that's the toughest puzzle yet. And have it on Halloween/spooky theme; and still have it appealing to people without getting all Hallmark-cardy. I've got about 2 weeks left before it's back to commercial-ville.

This here isn't finished, it's just what's onscreen right now. I hope you can make time to come out on the 22nd.