May 21, 2011

New shirts are ready for Start tomorrow

Looking to do a zombie head series. Here's #2. You can grab one tomorrow at Start on the Street. Cheap!

May 6, 2011

Early teaser art...

working on a new details yet.

May 4, 2011

Mr Smartass Theatre is Tonight?

Tonight we'll be roasting the film: Bloody Pit of Horror! Contrary to the title, there isn't much blood in the bloody pit. And not much horror either...and the pit isn't particularly deep.
But! What we can offer is...
• Barely-dressed Italian women from the 1960's!
• Fake torture devices... or ARE THEY?
• Swords from the horrific closeout bin at KayBee toys!
• Mariska Hartigay's bodybuilder dad in leotard pants!
• A very real spiiiider, woo scary!
• To honor our 2nd Italian movie in a row, FREE PIZZA AND CHEAP BEER!
• Also, we'll have plenty of Osama jokes for the kids!

Mr Smartass is always FREE, on the first Wednesday of the month at the Lucky Dog Music Hall. Doors open at 9pm. You might want to bring a lawnchair and some snacks to fulfill the drive-in atmosphere.

See ya!
(which is me and the other two guys)

*Mr. Smartass Theater is a live homage to the TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000. Cheesy films are projected onto the Lucky Dog's lovely, never-fail movie screen, and three of Worcester's worst smart-asses give the film a new soundtrack laced with gags, puns, sound effects, dirty jokes, etc. Every show is unique, every show starts at 9:00, and it's always free to get in. It's especially free for ladies in tube tops.