Apr 30, 2011


Regarding Rex Tillerson, CEO of ExxonMobil speaking at WPI's commencement. For details, see this article in Worcester Magazine. http://www.worcestermag.com/city-desk/top-news/Oil-and-water-119785344.html

I just read this Go-List notification from the students protesting Tillerson's presence:

> Good news! We are thrilled to announce that our negotiations with the
> administration have come to a satisfying resolution.
> Student who wish to avoid ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson's speech will
> be allowed to do so. A row will be reserved them the back so that we
> may join the rest of the class afterwards for the degree-granting
> ceremony.
> In addition, our alternate speaker Richard Heinberg has been offered
> the same stage as Tillerson. I can confirm Richard will be speaking
> after commencement, at 3 PM on May 14th, on the Quad.
> We are delighted at this outcome, which satisfies both our, and the
> needs of the administration.

My reply:
You've been allowed to sit in the back of the room while Mr. Tillerson still gives his speech. I'm sorry, but take your victory lap when you've achieved victory. When the school acknowledges that its actions are disgraceful and when Mr. Tillerson is not speaking at your commencement, then congratulate yourselves. WPI's students are not the ones whose actions are offensive to our society. Rewarding students of conscience with segregation is not an acceptable solution.

I know graduating students have a diminishing stake in your school's actions, but it does matter.


Apr 15, 2011

Shrunken Head!

I just did some shirts for my buddy Brian over at Shrunken Head Studios. He's an incredoble toy and model sculptor working way far out there in CA. He wanted a version of DaVinci's Vitruvian Man, but as a zombie. Here's what I did.

Click to enlarge.

Apr 14, 2011


I'm completely blown away by the design of something that came out 4 years before I did (to the day!). I just saw this today. I follow a few blogs like Hemmings and BikeExif. The vehicle designs are always incredible, whether from the distant past or the near future.

Well, meet the 1970 Lancia HF Zero:

Check out how the clean, futuristic blade-form perches above the pure-muscle, mechanical undercarriage. They usually coexist in cars, but never like this. It's like the two pure ideas of design were pressed together to become conjoined twins. Lancia.

Auction's on May 21, love to see how much it aucions for. More pics here:
#7 is great photo of the interior. Amazing.

Get ready to want this.

...Or not. It's completely up to you. I should have some of these ready for Start on the Street. I like the Celtics' color combo, so I stole it.

I think I'd like to keep doing zombie head-shirts. I'll do other stuff too, but I love having this as an ongoing series.

Apr 12, 2011

Bluestocking Bombers!

Hey all. I have been pretty pisspoor at updating the blog. So here's a quickie. Just finished the logo for a new roller derby team, The Bluestocking Bombers. Trying to get something that'll look good on shirts.

I'm behind on everything right now (and still have to get my taxes in!), so no time to comment.

Click to enlarge.

Apr 3, 2011

A week from today

I haven't posted in so long. There's been more work-art and less fun-art for the past few months. Can't complain, but I'm itching to draw some explodey stuff.

Anyway. As some folks may know, I was selected as one of two recipients of the Worcester Arts Council Fellowship Grant. It's a pretty big honor. And to be honest, it's an even bigger honor to receive the accolade at this point in the city's evolution. Good things are happening here and I'm proud to be part of it.

The other recipient is Alex Charalambides, a local poet who has created a huge movement in the area. If you ever have a chance, check out the Dirty Gerund show. I've never been big into poetry, but I was blown away when I went. On top of a great show, it was a completely packed, enthusiastic crowd in the downstairs of Ralph's, on a Monday.

Well us two fellas got selected by the city to be Fellows and there's a reception this coming Sunday. Nothing majorly formal, but I would love it if people came out for a couple hours in the afternoon. I'll have some art up, I'll spike the punch, we'll hear some poetry and give some high-fives. Here are the details. 1-3pm, April 10th, Goddard House and Art Gallery, 1199 Main Street, Worcester, MA.

Lastly, I want to say thank you to the Worcester Arts Council for this enormous honor. Thank you.