Apr 3, 2011

A week from today

I haven't posted in so long. There's been more work-art and less fun-art for the past few months. Can't complain, but I'm itching to draw some explodey stuff.

Anyway. As some folks may know, I was selected as one of two recipients of the Worcester Arts Council Fellowship Grant. It's a pretty big honor. And to be honest, it's an even bigger honor to receive the accolade at this point in the city's evolution. Good things are happening here and I'm proud to be part of it.

The other recipient is Alex Charalambides, a local poet who has created a huge movement in the area. If you ever have a chance, check out the Dirty Gerund show. I've never been big into poetry, but I was blown away when I went. On top of a great show, it was a completely packed, enthusiastic crowd in the downstairs of Ralph's, on a Monday.

Well us two fellas got selected by the city to be Fellows and there's a reception this coming Sunday. Nothing majorly formal, but I would love it if people came out for a couple hours in the afternoon. I'll have some art up, I'll spike the punch, we'll hear some poetry and give some high-fives. Here are the details. 1-3pm, April 10th, Goddard House and Art Gallery, 1199 Main Street, Worcester, MA.

Lastly, I want to say thank you to the Worcester Arts Council for this enormous honor. Thank you.


Fitzzz said...

Congrats on your Worcester Arts Grant. To be selected out of so many qualified applicants must be quite a thrill. Will you be posting any of this "Work-Art"?
a Fire_Bad fan!

abnormalbrain said...

Thanks a ton Fitzzz! I may be posting it eventually, but the good stuff is under non-disclosure agreement, so it'd be a while. Though I am working on a new roller derby logo. That should be up soon.