Aug 30, 2007

Sorry to pile on the foolishness, but...

I'm Too Late!
I've been working on this invention for years, perfecting it. Sadly, it didn't make it into production in time to help Senator Craig...

Aug 15, 2007

Googled meself last night...

...and besides this other awesome Derek Ring:

I found an actual review for The Monster, the comic I did when i was in college.

"Quite bizarre production concerning a misguided individual continuing the work of Baron Frankenstein. Finding a corpse in the woods, he stitches on assorted new parts with the help of an assistant he has deceived and regressed to the state of a moron. There’s an engaging eccentricity to the odd, second-person narrative and angular, spiky artwork, but the content is slim and meandering."

That's pretty much correct. Neat-o.

Aug 12, 2007

New portfolio is online

anyone interested, check it out here.

Aug 6, 2007

Some new zombie sketches

these are some sketches from a new project i'm working on: a zombie version of the game Fluxx. these sketches won't directly directly appear in the game, just some sketch work...the final pieces will be plenty different from these...