Jul 27, 2011

New Morticians Shirt

My buddy Pete plays in a great rockabilly sickapsychobilly band called the Memphis Morticians. Great stuff, and every once in a while I get asked to do a shirt for these cats. Here's my newest one. Based on an old illustration I had hanging around, I redid the lighting and the girl's face, the old one always bugged me.

Here's their merch page, this'll be up pretty soon.

Jul 22, 2011

Quick sketch of Leeloo

For the scifi babe calendar, just a small thumbnail. Too busy to put any real time toward this right now.

I always liked that first few minutes where she's out on the ledge in the strange new world. Great character. I'd make sure that teh background is pushed way back, atmospheric, smoggy. The focus is on her.

Jul 18, 2011


Just finished this...finally. It's been hanging around forever, but I wanted to make sure I got the details right...

Lord Helmet's outfit is both the most complex and the laziest costume I've ever seen. Tons of details over ill-fitting spandex. Hilarious.

Come see it on Thursday, August 25. It's free!

Here's something else I noticed while poring over the movie, frame-by-frame. Yup, that's Optimus Prime.

Jul 16, 2011


Okay...what the hell is an Oola? She was Jabba the Hutt's green slave girl, the one that got eaten by the Rancor monster and had to be replaced by Princess Leia. I always liked this character, the actress had a very beautiful, expressive African face, and seemed somehow related to Bib Fortuna. Unfortunately, she had a very quick and tragic end. I've always thought Lucas threw her in only as a piece of ass and then threw her away just as quick. Not cool.

Why am I writing about this? I'm working on my 2012 calendar. You know, the one with all SCI-FI BABES instead of random portfolio crap. I want a month of Oola. Here's some sketches: