Mar 28, 2006


this has been moving much other stuff going on.

Mar 27, 2006

spoiler alert

i've started writing Monster again. i had some ideas that i found interesting and have decided to wrench the story in a different direction. the one i'd painted myself into a corner with, quite frankly sucked. it felt forced, it wasn't interesting to me. at that point, how could it be interesting to anyone else? i stopped writing, and started thinking. i'm happy with the new ideas i have, and plus i draw better now. so we'll give it another go.

don't click on this intentionally bad photo of some visual notes i've been making.

Mar 24, 2006


still just getting the scarecrow in. he won't be quite so glaringly bright when i'm done. probably even dimmer than the second zombie. haven't had a lot of time to work on it in the past few days, with the site update and regular work...on top of the scarecrow, i still need to finish his clothes, the corn in the background which needs to be more defined, and a few other small things...

22 days.

Mar 20, 2006


having some glare issues with the black area. open to any suggestions as to fixing that, but i imagine i'll just do an overall matte varnish afterwards.

this would be scarecrow idea number 17, counting all the faces and bodies i sketched until this one, which i'm mostly happy with.

Fuck all you magnet people. Yes, YOU.

Get yours here.

you've seen those stupid magnets that dildos at checkout lines buy for their SUV's. they say "Support Our Troops". ever read what else it says on there? real small.

Made in China.

Mar 14, 2006


i like zombies as a subject. there's a lot going on there.

Marvel Comics has come out with a series called Marvel Zombies which takes their heroes and turns them into zombies. they still have sentience, when not hungry, and essentially behave like slacker twentysomethings. Kevin Smith's cheap writing gimmick is going to take a long time to die. the idea is essentially, since we're writing comics for 20something slackers who buy action figures and eat taco bell, let's give them heroes and monsters who mirror their nerdiness and social retardation. it is fiction as flattery. and flattering only to the lowest common denominator (a common denominator, which i fully recognize will drop $100/week just on funnybooks). but to me, this gimmick is as wrong as it is tired.

the more i think about creating images of them, more and more parallels between the undead and ourselves emerge. not as say, in an argument between two zombie roommates over the last box of mac & cheese, but as consuming wanderers, hungry, greedy and destructive, consuming even each other. it seems to me that only a very few of us create any more, the rest seek to conquer and consume. and with what ultimate goal? the only goal is the next meal. the next sexual meat, the next cigarette, next whiskey, next episode of a TV show.

plus, all the wrinkles and teeth are fun to draw.

Mar 7, 2006


well. the last thing didn't go as well as expected. i was working and working at it, but in a way i'm not comfortable with. not comfortable, but feel like i "should" be doing it that way. my experience knows that's a mindfuck, and i need to do it the way i know how to make stuff look good. i'm putting that on hold while i practice on some other stuff.

40 days left...

Mar 1, 2006

Can't wait to be out of here.

having a hard time putting paint down lately. lots of starts. lots of half-done pieces. borrowed an overhead to blow up this sketch to 25x60 inches:

i think it's the place. i don't cook anymore either. just don't wanna be here.

about a month and a half left...

not sure how i want to wrap this up. it might be come 2 different pieces. i liked the fun of the original thumbnail sketch a lot. it was intended to be a silver figure on black velvet: