Apr 14, 2006

moving day

we were up at about 6:30 this morning, the last morning in seneca falls. watched the sun rise up over the lake for the last time. no sunset last night, we had a pretty big storm that interrupted the last of our packing. the cat is running psycho circles around the room, she knows what's up. 40 months behind us, a 16 foot truck and 350 miles ahead. it's been an interesting 3 years, i'll probably write more about it, but now i have to go before i get yelled at for being on the computer.

Apr 8, 2006

last week

yup, this is our last week here in seneca fuckin' falls. been an insane last few weeks, packing, partying, saying goodbyes, &c. i'll hopefully have my studio set up again soon enough. anyone interested, we'll be living in worcester for at least a few months, unless/until we find someplace where we'd prefer to set up our businesses. we shall see.