Mar 25, 2019

The Time Breaker!

So we just finished a new game with Looney Labs (makers of FLUXX), it's totally different rom anything I've done before and was super fun!

It's called TIME BREAKER and it's a history-twisting time travel game where you play Time's repairman, trying to pick up the pieces left in the wake of the mysterious crystalline Time Breaker!

Ok, they don't need me to write new blurbs for the game, I'm here to blab the art!

We knew that we wanted the art to be very different from anything we'd done before with LL's time travel games Chrononauts and Back to the Future. So after a few tries, I suggested that maybe the perspective of the game should feel atomic-1950's, like the center of time wasn't now/2019 as we always assume. I suggested that the aesthetic should fall somewhere between Shag and Eyvnd Earle. (Google em!)

After a few different tries and mood boards including this stuff...

I mean, what do time and space and infinity look like through this 1950's styling? 
Had to submerge in the style since it was so different from my usual stuff. 

I was pretty into the idea of an infinity-shaped hourglass:

...we settled on a bluer more modern color applied to the the same visual feel,
and based our logo and box design on it. Viola. 

Once we had that in place, the card art made sense and I just went to town hitting all the points  in history. Some of which (click to enlarge): 

Sooo, yeah, there you have it.