Oct 22, 2009


From Worcester Magazine:
In true blog fashion, the spelling, grammar and punctuation of these selections are to the individual poster's tastes.

If that's true, then who the hell is Derek King?

Oct 17, 2009

Hey, you. Go buy this.

Tonight, my friend Heather is holding a fundraiser, the Dreaded Event. A rock show with auctions mixed in. I made this for the event:

Go bid on it.

Oct 16, 2009

Show your work: Nytmare edition

As many people know, I work digitally and take screengrabs as I work. Click here to see the latest animation, for last weeks' Nytmare poster.

Couple things to notice. I originally had the hero fearlessly jumping at the monster, but that wasn't really working for me. So he came forward and got entangled in the muck. I saw this picture of this roman sculpt when I was little and it's always stuck with me. Something so calm and cool about all three of them: 'Stupid serpents of evil, we're trying to talk here!'

Also, there was going to be a chick in the image as well, but as I was drawing her, I just couldn't wrap my head around the narrative. Too complicated without actually being interesting. Same thing with those roots. Too much.

Also, during the build, you'll see the text turn on and off. I dropped in the text early, knowing that I wanted the composition to be 50/50 text/image, but kept it shut off (hidden) most of the time because of the gritty complex fonts. They tend to choke Illustrator. I like that program because it really moves at the speed of thought, so it's just an efficiency thing.

Have a pleasant weekend.

Oct 11, 2009

Tax Petition Man

There's an old guy outside my market with a petition. Every time I walk by, he asks me if I want to sign his petition to reduce the sales tax. I decline and think to myself, if you've got one to increase the sales tax, maybe I'l sign that petition, but I have no interest in mixing it up with him. Guys that age get all red and shaky, knock shit over with flailing arms and get heart attacks. So fuck that. I give him the same answer I give the Jehovahs:
"I appreciate what you're doing, but no thanks."

Today, I pulled up and a fashionable young woman with a comically large ass was signing his petition. Once she rolled her SUV out onto the shitty, busted-up streets of Worcester, our metaphor was complete.

Him: "Will you sign this petition to reduce the Mass sales tax?"
Her: "Will that leave more money in my pocket?"
"So I'll be able to spend more of my money on the fatty, sugary treats that have made me such an unsightly double-wide?"
"That's great! Now what about shopping for clothes and hair products and treatments that I use to fill my empty stupid life?"
"You'll definitely more money for that stuff, PLUS that stuff will be so much less expensive."
"How much?"
"Well, if your hairdo costs $45, I would guess about 14.037 cents."
"Oh snap, that's great. Now I'll probably have money to buy so much other garbage that I don't have room for it in my house? And so I'll have to think about renting offsite storage space for it all."
"Oh wow. This sounds great, my life is going to be so fucking incredible! OK well see ya later, I have to drive home the long way to avoid all the intersections where firemen are begging me to put spare change in their boots, I'm all like whateverrr. I just take these other roads but they're so worn out and full of potholes that it bashes my fashionable SUV apart."
"Yeah, that's because those jerks in government are greedy crooks."

"For reals yo. Toodles."

There are constant calls to cut-cut-cut taxes and concurrently a constant whining and suffering of the public good. What are we doing with all that extra money that we save? Buying plastic crap from China? That's it? That's what we choose for a prize when we trade in our community's well-being?

I drive and walk around this city this summer, on broken roads, looking at immense garage sales full of dogshit bullshit trash, and looking at the empty pools. This city didn't have enough money to open the pools this year. It's not like they didn't have the money to fix them after they were vandalized, or some situation like that. No, they just didn't have the money to bother opening them. Fuck the children in this city. I guess it makes sense: If your parents can't afford a pool, then you don't get to swim. This makes my head all hot and explodey.

Publicly: We don't have enough money to simply activate the equipment that we already own. Privately: We apparently have enough money to buy enough shit to load up our every shelf closet garage shed and cubbyhole.

So I'll say this for the sake of the children: Fuck you and fuck your petition.

Oct 2, 2009

Jumping the gun a bit...

...since I haven't got final go-ahead yet. But here's the new poster for Nytmare's CD release show:

I don't usually post things before they're fully cooked, but I'd like to get as much hype as early as we can for this show. If there's major changes to the poster, I'll fix this image later. Here's our first glimpse of the music:

(And no, I didn't draw the pic that's on the video.)