Jan 25, 2011

Monster trucks

Started this a while back. Going to try and get it done in the next week or so. 18x24" in regular, plain, old, acrylic. There will be a giant scythe blade up there at the top, and lots more junk flying around, some more reapers in the background, and I'm not sure about that bright yellow. I think the sky colors need to be more drab.

Jan 24, 2011


at the new work for the 242 show. each is 18x24". This one's india ink:

I'm pretty new to working with gouache, which is what I used on the Luchador piece. It's a weird medium, chalky with a high pigment density. It's really reacting oddly in the sunlight here. Cyan is very light in the sun, while the red is super saturated. I hate the idea of doing any Photoshop to a photo of a painting, but I'm prob going to have to, just to get a correct representation.

UPDATE. This is closer to what the colors really look like. Not exact, but I don't really have time to spend finessing a psd file.

Jan 22, 2011

Come with.

Space 242 is having a new show opening this coming weekend. I've got 4 pieces in it. Technically 3 pieces, but I think I'm so cool I can just throw a frame around the sketch for one of the main pieces and call it art.


I'll have some peeks up soon.

Jan 17, 2011

Lots of news

First off, let me say a very big THANK YOU to the Worcester Arts Council. I was informed Friday that I was selected for the 2011 WAC Fellowship Grant. My plan is to use the grant toward some education, I'd like to find some kind of immersion art program and am researching some now.

On the other side of the work table, I've got some more work coming together for the next 242 show. It's the Good Vs Evil show that was scheduled a few months back. Originally, I'd just done one piece for that show, but I decided that since I got sick of seeing the same piece hanging around, I needed to do some more. I'm trying to veer away from the straight digital print stuff. So here's what's on the table, two 18x24 pieces:

one on newsprint (I love newsprint, it's such a crap surface, but the tooth is just awesome, and it's for a comic book-themed show),

...and the other a luchador poster (El Buenador vs SeƱor Maligno, my apologies to any real luchadors with those names), I'm not sure what material to put it on, still sketching it up.

Jan 5, 2011

All I want for Christmas

is FOCUS. Finally feel like I can get my head back into the work.  All the lights and trees and food and gifts and driving and shoveling are done. If I could just keep my hands in shape and my brain sharp, that would be great, but it never works out that way. And pretending to myself that I can keep sharp is stressful and frankly, kinda miserable. I now embark on the struggle back to competence.

Needs somes wake-ups exercises. Here's one.

Jan 3, 2011

Zombies on Fire

Doing a few new projects for AdriansUndeadDiary.com. This will be a shirt. You'd look sexy in one.

Happy New Year