Jan 24, 2011


at the new work for the 242 show. each is 18x24". This one's india ink:

I'm pretty new to working with gouache, which is what I used on the Luchador piece. It's a weird medium, chalky with a high pigment density. It's really reacting oddly in the sunlight here. Cyan is very light in the sun, while the red is super saturated. I hate the idea of doing any Photoshop to a photo of a painting, but I'm prob going to have to, just to get a correct representation.

UPDATE. This is closer to what the colors really look like. Not exact, but I don't really have time to spend finessing a psd file.


Amanda said...

Love the way the wrestler one came out-nice!

abnormalbrain said...

Thanks, Amanda. Yeah, some days gouache makes sense, some days it's the most difficult spiteful medium I ever worked with. I'll get it, tho.