Jul 29, 2009

New Shirts

...in me Zazzle store. These previews are a little mushy, but the previews on the store site are really good. See links below pics.

Star in underpants. I've had this idea floating around for a while. Everything goes better in tighty-whiteys.

Brainfreeze. People love this one. Enough so that they've stolen it all over the internet. Yay, me.

Ladies' Skull & Crossbones. Little something for the ladies. The basic. I want to do a series of wild Jolly Rogers.

Flash Gordon's shirt. Yeah, I've always wanted one like the one he wears at the beginning of the 1980's movie.

Also, check out my Zombie Tie, Angel of Death Skateboard, and my Ladies BooBerry Shirt.

...And to finish the discussion on the subject, I wasn't crazy over the Spreadshirt product. It was expensive, the shirt was way darker than the image onscreen indicated, and the print itself is sticky, rubbery and uneven, even after washing. I could wrestle with their website some more, or I could move on with my life. Decision made.

Jul 5, 2009

Gonzo Blackfly posters are on sale now!

Only available at Dr Gonzo's Uncommon Condiment Emporium. They're $20 apiece and they are each a towering 21x33 inches (will fit a standard 24x36 frame). Below are pics from the production this week. Posters were produced by myself, Pat and Chip at Silkscreen Warehouse (across from Vincent's), they can be reached here (photosilk@charter.net, or contact me offline and I will give you a phone number). If you have a t-shirt project, give these guys a call.

So, stop by Dr Gonzo's at 122 Main St, Worcester, MA. Check out the poster and sample some of the good Doctor's wares. Cheers.

Jul 4, 2009

Fabulous Prizes

Hey all, we had a contest this week. We asked people to guess the name of the film we'd be doing last wednesday for Mr Smartass Theatre, based on the following clue "It's all Gr∑∑k to me", with fabulous prizes for those who guessed correctly. The fabprize ended up being this sketch:

And congrats to Cindy Woerhle for the correct answer. I might ink this up and make a print...not sure what time will allow...