Mar 24, 2009

Little Brother

I designed this a few years ago. It made a pretty good splash when we showed it at the Halloween show. Little Brother is available online...

Mar 23, 2009

Updated portfolio is online

Glad to finally get it updated...One of that hardest things for artists to do is keep their online book current. I think updating once a year is ok, not great, and this gets updated about every year and a half.

Mar 19, 2009


When I was little, my dad used to tape his LP's onto cassette for me. He worked at a Buick dealer and they would toss out piles of these audio tapes with Buick hawk logos on them. I think they were supposed to give them away as promo items, maybe to demonstrate the newfangled Delco AM/FM/cassette car radios.

One spring, my dad scooped up a pile, taped over the tabs and made me copies of Van Halen I, Black Sabbath's Master of Reality and Vol. 4, Journey's Frontiers, Billy Crystal's Mahvelous, Deep Purple's Perfect Strangers, Queen's A Night at the Opera. I know I'll remember more later. Aerosmith's Walk the Line, with that awesome Hirschfeld cover.

My tape case was full of these. My dad would pull out the cover, flip it around and write the band names on the blank insides of the cover. With the old Sanford marker, the pre-Sharpie, pre-Magnum, WWII-era Sanford marker. The smell never, ever dissipated. The line bled like pure-black alcohol as soon as it hit the paper, because it was pure-black alcohol. It was impossible to draw with, because the next morning, your lines would be twice as thick as when you went to bed.

I pulled out my big markers this afternoon to do some large scale sketching in a permanent medium. The sissy-ass Avery Marks-a-Lot was dead, the ink turned to a syrup at the end of the chiseled tip. My Sanford Magnum had a little bit of pep in it, but I'd stored it nose-up like a dummy. Nonetheless, using it to fill in some areas on my sketch has filled the house with that same old, wonderful smell.


Electrical Tape Mummy

This mask made it to production as well, and is being sold under an unfortunate name. Not sure where the pointy ears came from, but I don't get much say after the design goes off to the sculptor.


some stuff you come across...
this is in someone's business' portfolio.

The Zombaby Dolls

Digging through the archives...

This is a set of dolls I designed a few years back. Most of these have made it into production (just google zombaby/babies). The final dolls didn't always look much like the designs, and they were sculpted as a solid latex. They were designed to be latex with real clothes, but I guess were a big seller for a to enlarge.

The cyborg was my favorite, but I guess he was too difficult of a sculpt...I think a later version of him had a big metal jaw and a larger head. I'll post it if I find that version of him.

Mar 18, 2009


Over the past few years I've been designing masks and Halloween props. I'm pretty proud of some of them and very few saw their way through to production...keep an eye on this page if you want to see some really cool shit.

Mar 13, 2009

Zombie Zombie

just an old sketch i came across...this was used for a card game a few years back...

More Sunday Morning YouTube Greatness...

What a great seven minutes. Someone at Disney studios figured out how to pump a little bit of fun into Mickey. I really didn't think it could be done. Enjoy...

Mar 12, 2009

Rockabilly poster

for the Memphis Morticians that has taken me wayyy too long to complete. it's nice to have a few minutes to breathe.

Mar 3, 2009

NHD Virus

Hey all. Since the new Undercover Fish anthology is now out and available, here's my piece in it. A short zombie story called NHD Virus.

Click to enlarge.

Mar 1, 2009

Sunday Morning YouTube Greatness...

Who knew?
The Japanese Godzilla franchise took one final, decisive and satisfying swipe at Hollywood's shameful 'Godzilla'. I'm still catching up on Japan's new, post-Millennium Godzilla films, but everything I've seen so far is awesome fun.