Apr 27, 2012

No progress from National Grid?

Apparently not. Here's today's photo of the tree. Still no leaves, it's definitely dead, and obviously not "safe".

Mr. Henderson, where'd you go?

Mr. Ring

UPDATE: As I said, if you need to bury cables, now would be the time. Instead we let a week go by. This is happening now:

Apr 20, 2012

Update on the cable

Every day the difference between a living and a dead tree grows more obvious.

I've received a call from National Grid as well as a few tweets. 'Mr Henderson' called me two mornings ago to describe that it was described as something called a 'twin' and that it was a safe solution when burying wires was not an option. The tweet that I received back from NatGrid described was similar:

My response was similar on both the phone and twitter: This may have been deemed safe when it was implemented, but it is clearly not safe now. The street below is beginning to be resurfaced, now and into the next few weeks. It appears that the DPW are doing utility work now.

In other news, I have a friend on the inside at NatGrid who saw my repost of this on facebook. He is looking into it on his end. I haven't yet heard back.

The facts right now.
• I have repeatedly called attention to it.
• The reasons for this contraption are quickly disappearing as now is an ideal time to bury cables.
• NatGrid keeps using the term 'safe' in their discussion of the contraption.
• Anyone who just looks at it can see that it's not safe.
• We live underneath it.

Apr 17, 2012

MORE Pre-tragedy photos!

I've posted about this before, but I decided to take a few more photos today, since spring is springing and there is such a stark contrast between a living and a dead tree.

Here we have a living and a dead tree side-by-side. Click to enlarge.

Notice that, in the dead tree, there is an industrial grade cable strung on some kind of pulley. I've contacted many of the local utilities, and the city, but I was told repeatedly it's someone else's responsibility. Click to enlarge.

Let's have a closer look at that. It's an industrial sized pulley, exerting a lot of tension on that wire, attached by a piece of fucking rope to a dead branch of a dead tree. Click to enlarge.

And in case you thought that the wire was just hanging straight downward, no sir. That's some serious sideways-tension. Click to enlarge:
The cable strings across the street, above our parked cars, and above the front yard where children play all afternoon. When someone is injured or dies from this, here is proof that it could have been avoided. Plantation Street, Worcester, MA.

UPDATE: Here is where the cable eventually connects to a pole. It goes through two more pulleys attached to trees. 

UPDATE 2: Here's a map of the whole situation.