Sep 23, 2009

And just because

I can never leave well enough alone...I added some trim. Don't touch it.

14"x22 is my new standard size. Mostly because I visited Hatch Print shop in Nashville last week. 30 minutes there was worth a lifetime of floundering on the internet. Their gorgeous work is inescapable in the Nashville area.

Quickie...Unknown Hinson

I love Unknown Hinson. I just wish he would venture north when he tours.

Sep 11, 2009


Yeah, this one was fun, and I put way too much into it. All in illustrator, and mostly in illustrator 10. I only use CS3 or PS to touch up and make it ready for the web.

The linework is an ugly angry mess. Hah.

Sep 10, 2009

So close to done...

Just some details to fill in. I want some planes, some mother-effin' tanks, and more detailing on the tail and ground. The Japanese text translates to "mecha godzilla. this is all just nonsense. i don't speak or write japanese. these words are from g o o g l e translate. my apologies to japanese speakers." So yeah. Fun.

Sep 9, 2009

Mecha III


MechaGodzilla II

Been on the road the past few days, so not much to report on this, though I threw some colors at it and did some creative stretching. I saw something this weekend that made me think about distorting this one a bit, and as soon as I did it I liked it. Not sure yet about the colors.