Oct 24, 2013

Hello, Dog

here's a warmup sketch I colored. my stuff's not all gross.  

Oct 18, 2013

Kraken Progress

A little bit closer. I keep changing the color depending on my level of EYESTRAIN. Just a few more tentacles and the body of the ship left to do. Plus I think there should be some little sailor dudes falling to their doom.

Click to enlarge.

Oct 17, 2013


I've been enjoying seeing other artists do this, particularly Francesco Francavilla with his post-episode, simple Breaking Bad illustrations. I watch a lot of crappy movies for this other project I'm involved with...so I think I'm going to try spending a few minutes after everything I watch, creating a quick movie poster/image/illustration/whatever right after I watch it...here's today's.

Oct 16, 2013


So it was requested recently that I design a woodcut-style image of a squid attacking a ship, for the shower curtain in our new bathroom...here it is about half-way done.

Based on this idea:

Oct 8, 2013

Fat Cthulhu

Been sketching for a bunch of new illustration projects, but I've been doing so many...let's say 'less artistic' jobs lately, so I'm sketching as much as I can anyplace I can. Here's one quickie.