May 7, 2012

Art... haven't shown any in a while

I haven't posted much art on here in a while... and this blog has gotten a little heavy on my local municipal adventures. Here's some art from the past few months...

I never posted a final copy of this one...those who have a copy of the calendar, this month is coming up...

Here's a version of the comic book cover from Creepshow, for the packaging for the new toys from my buddy Brian at Shrunken Head Studios:

More to come...a lot of the things I've been working on for the past few months are still under wraps. I'll show more as I can...

May 3, 2012

All clear!

National Grid came by this morning and in about a half hour, the whole contraption was gone. Here's some pics, and I want to say thanks to National Grid and Mr Henderson, for getting it done.


May 2, 2012

Yes Progress from National Grid

Missed a call from Mr. Henderson yesterday, but he called me again to tell me that NatGrid would be on site today. While we were talking, I looked out the window and there they are. They are doing some testing on the line today and if all goes well, it will be replaced tomorrow (Thursday). If all does not go well, repairs will need to be made before the line will be replaced/removed. Might be a week or so, but it will happen. I also have Mr Henderson's phone number now, and I agreed to call him on Friday if it didn't look like progress had been made.