Apr 27, 2008

Awesome Accident

After I started using my Macbook Pro, I discovered that unlike on my G4, Illustrator now had a habit of saving extra files in some phantom, haphazard attempt at an auto-save. These files are occasionally useful, but I usually discard them at the end of a project. I still haven't investigated where they come from.

Now, because they occur randomly, and because I work randomly, there is almost never any cohesion between the files. It would be nice, but this autosaving never produces a good record of the building of an image. Until today.

After finishing up my new 12x36" First Friday poster, I went to delete the autosave files. I realized that since I'd done most of the work today, the autosave had operating at pretty regular intervals. I opened them up in sequence, and there it was! Click here to check out the process for the new poster...

Apr 23, 2008

More spot illustration stuff

nothing earth shattering, just fun...

Best Photo I've Seen in a Long Time

Doing a bit of photo research, I stumbled across this...wow.

this image is the very definition of the direction i have been wanting to take my work...wow.

Apr 21, 2008

NY Comic Con

Nothing concrete yet, but I had a good weekend.

Apr 9, 2008

Hey Ya!

I rarely post work from paid jobs, but I might as well...here's a few goofy spot illustrations from today...