Apr 27, 2008

Awesome Accident

After I started using my Macbook Pro, I discovered that unlike on my G4, Illustrator now had a habit of saving extra files in some phantom, haphazard attempt at an auto-save. These files are occasionally useful, but I usually discard them at the end of a project. I still haven't investigated where they come from.

Now, because they occur randomly, and because I work randomly, there is almost never any cohesion between the files. It would be nice, but this autosaving never produces a good record of the building of an image. Until today.

After finishing up my new 12x36" First Friday poster, I went to delete the autosave files. I realized that since I'd done most of the work today, the autosave had operating at pretty regular intervals. I opened them up in sequence, and there it was! Click here to check out the process for the new poster...

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Nicole Tadgell said...

Wow, that's cool!