Jan 31, 2006

Possible eBay

as much as i hate the eBay, I am considering putting some stuff up before we move. I did this painting in oil, about 2x3 feet, back in 2003...we'd only been living in Jason Voorheesville for about a year. it's as rough and textural as it looks, but the actual color is a bit richer than it looks here. i don't really care for oil. i need a little more immediate gratification, so i'ma stick with acrylic for now. not sure if there will be any interest in it...but i've posted it here to give friends any first dibs. dibbies. i don't even know what the F 'dibs' means. but if anyone's interested, lemme know.

1 comment:

Big Brother said...

I don't know what dibs are either but why do you hate e-bay?