Jun 30, 2006


hey everyone, we are here in london, safe and sound. london is expensive as fuck and we both agree, the people could be nicer. let's translate cost: beer £4-5 = $8-9. you get the idea. we signed in on a library computer for this and the library help couldn't have been nicer. we've passed the time walking the tangled streets of london and napping and picnicking in the royal gardens. the gardens and parks really are beautiful. gotta run. cheers, y'all!


Anonymous said...

Miss you guys! Glad you are well!


Anonymous said...

Derek, it's Joe Giotta. I'm not sure how often you check this but I need your new address in Worcester. Email me or IM me sometime soon. Otherwise you don't get to participate in something sooooooooooo fun that you'll shit your mom's pants.

Anonymous said...

39 Plantation Street #1 (4-eva!)
Worm MA 01604

We'll be back home August 1st. And I haven't been updating this with the trip like i planned because i didn't write down the new password i put on it. plus internet access is pretty patchy.