Oct 2, 2007

so. my cat is gone.

no reason. Cujo was asleep between my arm and chest and she just started choking. it was about 3am yesterday morning. i reached down to check her and she was unresponsive. we rushed her to the vet, it took about 10 minutes from our bed to the emergency rm, but by then she had no pulse, no breathing. she's always been healthy, energetic, smart and attentive. even right before we went to bed, she was running her crazy laps of the house.
for all the years that i have been working from home, she has never been more than 5 feet away from me. she will be missed by our little family.


duncan said...

sorry to hear this.

Big Brother said...

Nice tribute. I never had a cat until this year. I can understand how people love them now.