Nov 27, 2007

I'm good

The surgery went well. I've been home almost a week, so I will recount as best as I can. They admitted me at about 10am last Wednesday, prepped me for the op and I was in. It went quickly and smoothly, and they sent me home with a dvd of the surgery in case you don't believe me. Nicole remarked to Dr. Lapinsky, that she would be interested in watching this kind of operation, and he replied well, we could tape it and give you a video. We haven't watched it yet, I imagine I'll get a bit queasy since I can still feel the hole in my back.

Speaking of which, almost all the pain I have is three places:

The incision, that itchy little spot in my lower back is glued shut, with some steri-strips, and a waterproof bandage to tarp over the whole thing. There are no stitches, staples, punctures, or zippers. The coverings should fall away at their own pace, and that should be it. It doesn't really hurt much at all, unless I lean on it or poke it with a broken pool cue.

The Former Pain, is pretty much all gone, except for some killer knots in my right but-tock and calf, and I have some twinges in the back where the muscles were pushed around, esp if I startle or trip on something.

...But the worst thing?

The Spot
, someone, somewhere in that hospital superkrazyglued something to my chest and then ripped it off. The scar it left looks like something out of Norse legend.

After a night's sleep at UMass (made difficult by the nurses' inattention to my roommate's excruciating pain), the physical therapist came by to pry me out of bed. I did a few laps of the fourth floor, and went up a flight of stairs. It was dreamy. My parents showed up for a visit and I ended up going home with them. Nicole was prepping thanksgiving dinner and I got home just in time to eat all the wonderful food for which I was told I'd have no appetite. It is of note that we also hosted Thanksgiving this year for about 15 members of our family. Nicole and I jokingly agreed before our consult with Dr. Lapinsky that I would take the soonest surgery date, even if it was on Thanksgiving, and she should still host it, she'd just send people up the street to visit me. So, when he offered to do it the day before Thanksgiving, we jumped on it. I can't believe how well it all came together, and all orchestrated by Nick. Thanksgiving dinner (including two turkeys), new couch delivery (thanks to Gabe and Pete), rearranging the whole apartment, delivering me my funnybook subscription. God forbid I get bored, what a baby I was asking for that! It was a great day and it was nice to be surrounded by family after the surgery, and not in a hospital room.

Sitting, walking, standing up, sleeping on my side, gripping things that are designed to fit my hand, I can again do everything that a He-Man action figure can. With physical therapy and time, I expect to be able to do anything a Cobra Commander action figure can. Just gotta make sure the rubberband in my midsection stays healthy.

I would like to say thanks to everyone who checked in on me over the last few weeks, especially Nicole who spent the last year babysitting a giant, nerve-damaged, whiny, zombie version of her boyfriend. -d


Cindy Woehrle said...

So glad your getting better!!!

Anonymous said...

D, that's awesome! I'm so happy to hear that you are back to action figure status. I wish we could see you!

Nicole Tadgell said...

Yayy! Glad it went well! I've been thinking about you and wondering about how it all went.


abnormalbrain said...

all cute girls, commenting on my blog! i am SO lucky!