Oct 7, 2008

Why Adobe Illustrator CS3 should not be used by anyone, ever.

Click for a closer look.

This makes me nuts. Let's say you're working on a map of the US, you zoom in to adjust California, and when you zoom back out, Maine now looks like Snoopy? No thank you.


Nicole Tadgell said...

Hmm...I've never liked illustrator. I wonder how CS4 will be??

EZ Goodnight said...

You can use the "add points" tool (part of the pen tool set) to add points where you want to cut. Then you can select that area with the white arrow (Press the "A" key) and simply delete them.

But, I do agree that this sort of thing can be frustrating. Illustrator can be a difficult program.

abnormalbrain said...

hey ezg,
the issue isn't really workaround. there's probably ten different ways to achieve this end. for me, the least tedious has been the eraser tool. and considering that the files i am creating have literally thousands of lines, the fewer steps per individual line, the better.

but regardless of the method used to edit a line, unaffected portions of the artwork should remain unaffected. anything else is unpredictable and therefore unacceptable.

that said, illustrator is awesome. it's one of the few art programs that isn't about assembling or editing other things. it's about creating new things from absolute scratch. they just need to keep their shit correct as the software evolves.

hey nicole,