Nov 26, 2008


My trusty Wacom tablet has croaked. While I've had to replace the stylus and nibs a few times, I've used the 4x6 tablet deck itself since early 2003. I figured as a memorial I'd show some of the finer features of the unit, and point out some of my mods.

Firstly, the part I call the Diaper. This is a sheet of paper cut to fit and stretched around the tablet pad. This gives me a permanent sketchpad on a part of my desk that is rarely covered with junk, and rarely disappears when I need to find it. But most importantly, the Diaper creates a mildly coarse tension between the tablet and the stylus. Both items are made of a slick plastic, which of all the people in all the world, only seems to bother me. The Diaper kicks ass, and I replace it every week or two. As you can see by the limited number of scribbles, I'd just taped on a new one.

Nextly, you can see the Diaper straps and the rubber padding. I lost the last of the rubber feet about a year ago and came up with this solution. It reduces slipping, as well as bouncing when pressure is applied to the tablet.

Here is the unit, stripped nude, before I begin injecting the embalming fluid. You can see on the right that the finish is worn completely away, revealing under the sparkly blue? Glossy blue! Wow!

Lastly, the culprit, a frayed, bent-too-often USB cord. Sadness abounds, but not to worry, I have a backup, quickly installed and working aok. Still 4x6, with a new Diaper around it.

Yes, 4x6. Anyone who claims you NEED bigger is mental. Keep your eye on them.

Larger is just more expensive. Keep your money in your pocket. That's yours.

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