Dec 23, 2008

Push Push!

...boy am I getting comfortable with being pushy!

I just ordered a second batch, so I'll have some more soon. But, if you want one for xmas, I have 3 left for immediate gratification. Everyone who has gotten a calendar loves it, which means just one thing:
You guys are very polite.

And as always, you can order directly from the site (all print problems have been resolved).

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Nicole Tadgell said...

Yup, I got mine and I love it! Y'all better hurry, they're gonna go fast!

Ms. Gordon said...

I got one as a present for Christmas and it made me delighted! It will look snazzy on my wall.

Anonymous said...

The calendar is AMAZING, Derek!!

Anonymous said...

I chose this as my raffle prize at Punky's clothing swap. I totally love it and all of my students comment on how awesome they think your art is on the daily. :D

abnormalbrain said...

Wow! Thanks! That's really cool to hear.