Jan 28, 2009


So, I wrestled with how I wanted to draw this figure for a while.

Lesson for the day, stop gritting the teeth, sweating and snapping the pencil in half. Keep it loose and relax. Keep in mind the gesture of the figure. Generally this is done is a few quick pencil strokes. What's in their head is most important, then the clothing/ anatomy, then shine some lights and shadows on 'em. But without the gesture, you're building a house without a foundation.


kid-rolla said...

nicely said. i think i'm developing a crush on you.

Nicole Tadgell said...

Yes...I'd like to say "easier said thann done" but you're both "said" and "done"!

That's what I do, too, when sketching...only I kind of "pretend" I'm that person.

I don't know how to do lighting & shadows out of my head, though, I have to use references!

abnormalbrain said...