Jun 5, 2009

Spreadshirt Vs. Zazzle

...Grand prize, my affection. I've used Zazzle for a while, been happy with some stuff, but more often than not, disappointed. Whether it's colors shifting or darkening; their limited print areas; cryptic creation tools (specifically the hidden transparency button); poor communication (just one example: they sent a check to an old address and haven't yet responded to my request to get it recut, anyone with a piddly little webstore like this knows how long it takes to pile up enough crumbs to actually get a check); bizarrely cut shirts (one long sleeve tee had sleeves so tight I couldn't fit them on my scrawny-nerd-sized arms), or just merch that arrives smashed to shit, my relationship with Zazzle has been rocky. That said, I've also gotten my share of excellent products with them. They make REALLY great-looking sports apparel, but I would avoid their mugs, digital prints, and dark shirts with light-colored art. So today I started a Spreadshirt account. I've wanted to throw this reaper-death-angel guy onto a shirt for a few years, but I needed it to be a large design. I've seen some really cool, large-printed Spreadshirts recently, so I sent my first design today, and titled it 'Angel of Death'. It seems expensive and the previews are blurry and small, but I went ahead with it and chose a brown base-shirt. I guess the color is called 'chocolate'. And so, here we have it... Yep.


Unknown said...

Hi derek, I'm a fellow Worcesterite and came across your blog from Punky's.

I'm actually a graphic designer at Spreadshirt in the Boston Sales/Marketing office. Shoot me an email at moh@spreadshirt.com if you have any questions/problems/suggestions.


abnormalbrain said...

Hey Marcus, good to hear from someone at the company, I will email you offthread.

And just for the public record, it was really easy to get that 'Chocolate' off of the product title. It was just comical is all.

Anonymous said...

Have you ordered one? I'm anxious to hear about the quality.

abnormalbrain said...

I just ordered one. Hopefully be here by Sunday, I can parade it around at the Pecha Kuka on Sunday.

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