Jul 29, 2009

New Shirts

...in me Zazzle store. These previews are a little mushy, but the previews on the store site are really good. See links below pics.

Star in underpants. I've had this idea floating around for a while. Everything goes better in tighty-whiteys.

Brainfreeze. People love this one. Enough so that they've stolen it all over the internet. Yay, me.

Ladies' Skull & Crossbones. Little something for the ladies. The basic. I want to do a series of wild Jolly Rogers.

Flash Gordon's shirt. Yeah, I've always wanted one like the one he wears at the beginning of the 1980's movie.

Also, check out my Zombie Tie, Angel of Death Skateboard, and my Ladies BooBerry Shirt.

...And to finish the discussion on the subject, I wasn't crazy over the Spreadshirt product. It was expensive, the shirt was way darker than the image onscreen indicated, and the print itself is sticky, rubbery and uneven, even after washing. I could wrestle with their website some more, or I could move on with my life. Decision made.


Ms. Gordon said...

i can't even decide which i like better.....because tighty whiteys are the best and hello! flash what up Gordon!

abnormalbrain said...

Yeah, you need the tightey whitey shirt. It does come in girl flavors.

Ms. Gordon said...

i like girl flavors.