Feb 4, 2010

Leave us alone

Half of this video was taped here in Worcester. I have a few points to make.

First, thanks for proving that gay marriage is no better or worse that straight marriage. People marry for money and benefits all the time. Sorry to ruin the romance.

And thanks for perjuring yourselves on tape. The clerks really don't care what you're getting married for. They just say, ok, you're lying, will you go under oath with your lie? Yes? Ok. AND you filmed yourself lying under oath? How wonderful for you. No, the clerks are not the marriage police, unless the filmmakers would prefer that the government have an agency that investigates marriages? No, the Youtube preview screen says it all. The manager 'didn't say nothing', and 'he was kind of quiet about it'. You're right. The manager doesn't like it, but he knows it's not really within his power, and frankly it's none of his business. I suppose the manager could call a police officer, and then what? Or maybe he waits for the 'couple' to leave and then calls...what, the FBI?

Please leave us alone. This city has enough to worry about, and I know a few of the legitimate gay marriages. They're good, responsible people and they don't deserve this bullshit.

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JoeScully said...

I wonder if there's a statute of limitations on perjury. Maybe when O'Keefe gets out of jail for wiretapping Sen. Landrieu's phones we'll find out.