May 22, 2010

Smudge! Smear! Splatter!

This Friday! ...Friday! ...Friday!

Comics show at Space 242. I've got a few stories in this show. And I'm including a fully non-digital interactive feature. It's much less interesting than it sounds! Basically, I'm including my pencils and thumbnails (where they still exist) underneath the artwork. Curious patrons can grab the art [GASP!] and flip it up to see the work that went into the final product.

3 reasons why:
1. My finished art is created in Adobe Illustrator, so the final piece is just a laserprint. Who cares if your grubby fingers get on it.
2. I always get asked about how I make my comics.
3. My process is very different from the traditional comics-making process.

For these three reasons, I'm going to let people look up my skirt and see the notes and bolts that go into my process. Details below...

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