Jun 15, 2010

Back to the Future

What up, kids. This morning was the wrap up (for me anyway) for the artwork for Looney Labs' new Back to the Future game. Most of the art is still legally under wraps until the game's release this fall. I will be posting as often as I'm legally able, but here's what I can show as of today...click for larger view.


OK, bizarro time.

I was just cleaning up the files and folders for this project. After getting it ready for backup, I clicked Get Info, to check the size of the project folder. What are the chances of that filesize?


Pete said...

Way cooooooool! so so glad for ya! it looks so tight and perfect. The colors are out of this world.

Louie said...

D, congrats on getting it done, looks GREAT!!!

Dynamo Mars said...

congratulations good buddy . can't wait to check it out

Dynamo Mars said...

the train on the side of the box looks completely badass