Aug 18, 2011


This morning I dreamt I was driving my car from Worcester Center Blvd (now Major Taylor Blvd) onto Foster St, here in Worcester. The light turned red. I'm parked with the hospital on my left, Centrum/DCU on my right. As the car in front of me blatantly runs the light, I can see it's an older asian driver and I try not to think about stereotypes. He almost hits an oncoming car. I look in the oncoming car and Larry David is driving it. He's looking incredulously out the window at the asian guy. Soon, while I'm still waiting there, Larry David runs across a crosswalk and someone almost runs him over. I yell out the window, Stop following the law!

...Which I thought was clever.

Then I go into a public bathroom and use the stall. I don't think I am pooping, I'm just in there. It's busy in there and I somehow see a buddy of mine in the next stall. We start talking and I tell him about the whole Larry David traffic thing. We talk about that for a while and as I walk out I turn to see Larry David is sitting, pooping into a urinal. I look back at the stalls and realize he's prob doing that because he got frustrated/desperate to poop but we were talking in the stall. Yet we wouldn't have been talking in the stall if he hadn't been driving around Worcester earlier. Yes, I am creating Curb episodes in my dream.

Larry David, his wife, Nicole and I are walking downtown afterward, because now we're friends of course, and I suggest we go look at the monuments. I laugh because for some reason, I again think this is clever. No one else does. I then become extremely self-conscious about having a Massachusetts accent.

His wife suggests we go to the Boynton, but Larry David says 'I don't know, that's where we said dirty words when we were young.'

Then I woke up and wrote it down as best as I could remember. I wrote it in TextEdit and cut and pasted it into my blog. I made a few small changes and fixed typos. Then I clicked 'Publish Post'.

Then you read it. You were a little disappointed by the ending.


Fitzzz said...

You must have fell asleep watching a Seinfeld episode. Pooping in a urinal, Ha!

Big Brother said...

Loved this.

kid-rolla said...

I will never get that time back.