Oct 13, 2011

Pre-tragedy photos.

Here's the view from my house. Yesterday, I noticed a strange wire stretched across the street.

It's attached to a giant pulley, and the pulley is strapped to a dead branch of a half-dead tree!

When the branch breaks, the giant pulley will crash straight down, or swing across the street, depending on what breaks and where. What happens then will not be pretty. I'm sending these photos to the city. If anyone knows a better avenue for this to be reported, lemme know.


Nicole said...

Who are you sending this to in the city? I can try to use my limited pull (no pun intended) to assist. Send me an email.

abnormalbrain said...

I've gone through channels. Someone from National Grid will be here today or tomorrow.

Fitzzz said...

funny what you can see when the leaves start to drop, definatley not to code, I wouldn't park too close till you get this resolved,