Feb 22, 2013

December 10

That's forever ago. This blog needs updates.

Last couple months: I got a dog; I got real sick with that stupid flu; someone stole my car (which is not SO bad because...), someone awesomely lent me a car for as long as I need; I wrapped up some big corporate stuff and now I'm going to take a few months, take a breath and figure out what I'm doing. Having the dog has really pried me out of my comfort zone, drifting between coffee maker and desk. Getting outside is good.  

Even though I haven't had time, I've still been trying to do color studies and sketches for when I get my chops. Here's a few, they're based around the idea of the Inferno.

I want to start painting again and I never felt I had a good foundation in traditional media, so I'm going to take some classes. This'll force me carve time out of my schedule and get some community. Working at home is really solitary, and it really can get you down.

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