Jul 24, 2016

Back to it

So I've been a pretty bad blogger. I've been working at Hasbro as a branding designer. What does that mean? It's about as free-form as you could imagine. Basically very much like what I was doing before, coming up with cool ideas, some logos, some illustration, only now I have some benefits I didn't, and lost some freedom that I'd had. And I'm creating loads of new work, all of which is super-confidential, blah.

...and I don't draw LEGO minifigs quite so much.

Here's a few updates on some projects I've been working on.

T-shirt for a Lovecraft-themed bike ride in Providence. It involves the Industrial Building which, as I researching the building for this image, I kinda fell in love with it. Beautiful deco design and structure. It currently sits entirely vacant while still dominating the downtown Providence skyline. 

And the last project I did for LEGO has finally made it to press. I believe this is in the second spread in the most recent Lego Club magazine: 

And lastly, this has been back-burnered for a while. Going to be very large, and I'm deciding what media to finish it with.:

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Nickie said...

Amazing work, as always!!