Mar 18, 2008

fremont street

after the show closed yesterday, we headed up to the fremont area. the older section where the street is covered with that giant 2 or 3 blocks long tv screen. pretty cool. more gritty down there. maybe not gritty, just not as flashy as the area we're staying in. we hit a bunch of the souvenir shops and walked down the street with a six of coronas and a bag of souvenir junk. for 2 bucks we found a children's bow and arrow set with suction cups. we thought it would be hilarious to shoot arrows in the hotel room, maybe stick them to the tv. the thousand-plus flatscreen tv. good thinking. fortunately, it was a useless piece of junk. that we carried all over the place, including the rock club with ridiculous glammy music and hell's angels who seemed to like the bands. hey, what do i know. also of note, it was pretty much impossible to find a guinness on st. patrick's day.

we headed back. we played a few slots but couldn't quite figure it out. it's really hard for someone who enjoys fast computers (results! results!) to sit at that electronic machine and rush through my budget (a paltry $5, but whatever). pete ended up with an extra 10 bucks. wheee.

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