Mar 20, 2008

home again

last full day in vegas. we hit the rolly coaster at New York New York casino. what a trip that place is inside. every other casino seems to strive for clean lines and sculptural spaces. this place is confusing and mazelike, though it has really interesting decor imitating the streets of NY (as if anyone didn't know what it was imitating). the coaster was ok. 14 bucks for 15 seconds. we did a little shopping, there's a Bettie Page store there, then a little wandering, checked out the Planet Hollywood props. best thing there was a full-sized terminator robot. it's nice to be able to walk anywhere you want with a guinness in hand. afterwards we had a makeup guy pete knew over to our room, had a few beers and shot the shit and watched youtubes all night. it was a pretty good night. check out my new hero, Unknown Hinson.

came home last night through a snowstorm in ohio, then a rainstorm in providence. my checked luggage came back soaked and TSA dissected. it's weird when you find the you've-been-inspected notice inside a book inside your bag. i don't bame them for checking it though. the magazine i was bringing home stunk from the ink it was printed with. actually, i can smell it right now from across the room.

the flight between OH and RI made the roller coaster seem pathetic. it was a small plane and we got tossed around enough that the captain wouldn't let the stewardess pass out drinks or anything. we got tossed around a lot and then the captain announces that we may not be able to easily land at the intended destination because of weather and that we may not have enough fuel to do extra passes and that we may need to find another airport. what a great thing to announce. regardless, the captain did a fine job and we were on the ground safely a few minutes after the panicky announcement. got home around 11:15 or so. i made pretty good time, all storms considered.

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Anastasia Beaverhousen said...

cant believe you went to vegas and didnt tell me!