Nov 21, 2008

The right colors...finally

Went and found the proper paper. It seems that the posterboard is being replaced by the recycled, toothy stuff I've been fawning over. I bought almost a whole box of it. It's a bit bluer and not as bright as the posterboard of old, but it makes for a great silkscreen surface, esp with the inks I'm using.

We went down to the studio last night and actually pulled 2 colors on 30 sheets in the intended colors...success.


Louie said...

NICE! Where do I send my $$$$$$?

abnormalbrain said...

Not exactly sure yet. I'll probably be selling them at the show, but I don't love the idea of setting up a table. So, not sure yet. Anyone interested can get ahold of me through this blog or my email: derek AT abnormalbrain DOT com


Anonymous said...