Jun 8, 2009

Gonzo BlackFly Final Poster

Here's where we stand today. This should be large-scale, minimum size 18x24". Looking to make the background paper a yellow, or possibly a tan, with 2 colors printed on it, black and white. I like the idea of the overall mustardy color. If there are more changes, it will be small, so this is effectively the final.

We'll be doing 100 silkscreen prints and are trying to figure out pricing. Might do something creative with that.


Pascual said...

How could I get one??

Great Job



abnormalbrain said...

Working on the printing, trying to find the right paper. We'll have them available shortly. The sooner, the better.

Keith Cross said...

Please contact me when those are available, i'd like to own one. Nice stuff. keith@milkrow.com
Best, KC

abnormalbrain said...

the update: The posters were completed yesterday and I dropped them off at Dr Gonzo's on Main Street, Worcester MA.

There is a limited edition of 60, and they are going for $20 apiece.