Jun 21, 2010

Pretty Ghoul

I'm going to be slowly rolling out this idea that I've had for a few years. Zombi, kind of an undead Modesty Blaise character. Sexy and gross at the same time (I love attraction/repulsion), with basic g-man/spy story kind of stuff. She can take a lot of bullets and no one knows she exists, sort of like the old Hulk tv show. There's a lot about this that I see in terms of 1970's comics. Still writing and fleshing out the character...

I'm really disappointed that Mike Allred just released a series called iZombie, about a girl zombie. It was pretty dopey and after two issues I've taken it off my subscription sheet at the store, but I know the comparison will persist. I might have to read it, just to keep this project from going anywhere near it. Blecch.

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